Jeffrey Homes Celebrating 70 Years of Service

March 22, 2016 1:14 pm Published by Comments Off on Jeffrey Homes Celebrating 70 Years of Service
By Sandy Meyer

Jeffrey Homes, one of the oldest custom home building companies in Hillsborough County, is proud to be celebrating 70 years of exceptional service.

W.K. Jeffrey, founder of Jeffrey Homes, had been a surveyor with the Tennessee Valley Authority before moving to South Tampa to open his business. Originally, the company built model homes that had standard designs, but as the years went on and other generations came into the business, the designs became more custom-oriented.

In 1960 Jeffrey Homes was relocated to the Brandon area and 10 years later William T. Sefcik, son-in-law of Jeffrey, joined the business, followed in 1987 by his grandson, Brian Sescik. William retired in the early 2000s and Brian is the current president of Jeffrey Homes. The company now mainly builds custom designed homes. Buyers can have designs created directly from Jeffrey Homes, bring their own designs or create something together with the architect at Jeffrey Homes. The homes are built with quality construction and craftsmanship at affordable prices.

Brian believes that Jeffrey Homes has endured over the years because the company does things right.

“We have a great working relationship with the trades and the craftsman that are doing the work and I think that shows in our results. The houses are low maintenance and our customers see great returns if they ever go to sell,” he said.

Brian said word-of-mouth and repeat business have played a large part in the continued success of the company.

“I’ve built homes for children and grandchildren of people my grandfather built for,” he shared.

Jeffrey Homes employs a staff of five along with two superintendents and a host of subcontractors. The company is now building in several sites across Hillsborough County including Corey Lakes in New Tampa and Hawk Creek Reserve and Doe Creek in Lithia.

Jeffrey Homes is located at 708 Lithia Pinecrest Rd., Ste. 103 in Brandon. For more information on custom built homes, visit, find them on Facebook, or call 689-7161.

When asked how he was going to celebrate the 70th anniversary, Brian responded, “Keep on going, do it right and make my grandfather proud.”

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